Farm-Fresh Eggs: Subscription

$6.00 per dozen / week

Subscription members receive first dibs on our eggs (we frequently sell out!). Eggs are available for pickup every week. Recurring charges complete weekly until cancelled. Cancel anytime.

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Our hens spend their days free ranging in green alfalfa pastures and scratching through the leaf litter of an oak grove, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, eating as many planes and fresh little bugs as they like. Free of GMOs, antibiotics, and other drugs, our hens are happy and we believe happy hens lay healthier, more nutritious, and definitely tastier eggs. We think you’ll agree!

Our eggs are sold unwashed, retaining their bloom coating, allowing them to stay fresh longer, and protecting them against bacteria. Unwashed eggs can last about 2-3 weeks unrefrigerated and 3 months in the fridge.


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